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'Orlando' at Betty Nansen - taking photos when the stage is all mirrors

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Photo: Natascha Thiara Rydvald

Natascha Rydvald has taken press photos for the play 'Orlando' staged at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen. The play is based on the Virginia Wolf classic from 1928.

On the stage there is a large mirror, and as a photographer you don't want to be in the photo yourself.

"It was a very beautiful play to work with," Natascha Rydvald says.

"We had great challenges with reflections," she explains.

But how she managed to take series of great theatre photos without being in the photo herself, she will not reveal. There is no explanation why she is so secretive about the solution, but the promises to explain it at her workshops.

'Orlando' was playing in September and October 2018.

IN THE PLAY Maria Rossing, Mikkel ArndtTina Gylling Mortensen, Xenia Noetzelmann, Anton Hjejle

INSTRUCTION Elisa Kragerup SCENOGRAPHY AND COSTUMES Maja Ravn BASED ON NOVELL BY Virginia Woolf  TRANSLATION Karsten Sand Iversen DRAMA Sigrid Strøm Reibo and Njål Helge Mjøs  PROCESSING TO BETTY NANSEN TEATRET Elisa Kragerup og Solveig Gade  DRAMATURG Solveig Gade  VIDEO DESIGN Søren Knud Christensen  AUDIO DESIGN Christian Alkjær

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